Teen Sexual Health

Compass is a comprehensive 10-day teen sexual health program designed to provide a safe learning environment with current, medically accurate information with the core message being: the choice is yours, choose to know. It is currently in 14 districts in 7th, 8th and 9th grade.


Compass does not promote a religious or political agenda and remains value-neutral allowing parents/guardians to speak their individual values into the student. Compass is applicable to all students. Anyone who can get pregnant, cause a pregnancy, contract an STI or infect another with an STI can benefit from this program.


We want to empower students to consider their choices while asking the question “why right now?” Our curricula provides a pro-active approach to reduce sexual debut explaining that risks are lowest when sex occurs in a mutually monogamous committed relationship. We believe sexuality is a natural, normal part of all human beings. We avoid messages that promote sex as shameful or judge or define people who have had past sexual experiences by victimization or choice.

Parent/Guardians Participate

We encourage honest conversations between parents/guardians and their children about dating, self-esteem and healthy life choices by implementing required homework each night. If you have any questions about the information being given to your student, please see our citation guides or you can download our frequently asked questions pdf here.

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