We Empower...

students to make healthy choices about
life, love, sex, and relationships.

We Encourage...

honest conversation between
parents and their children.

We Inform & Support...

preteens, teenagers,
and young adults.



We empower students to make healthy choices about life, love, sex and relationships by connecting them to medically-accurate information, community resources, safe adults, as well as their families and good friends.


We encourage honest conversation between parents and their children by educating and motivating families to make healthy decisions concerning dating relationships, self-esteem and sex.

Inform & Support

We inform and support preteens, teenagers, and young adults as they face the often confusing issue of sexual health through our 2 programs that are reaching over 8,000 students a year.

Our Programs

Together, Compass and Battle of The Sexes provide relevant, creative and impactful sexual health facts.

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Battle of the Sexes is a one-day, off-campus event for high school juniors. This comprehensive event is designed as a “booster shot” to our 10-day program, Compass. We strive to empower students to navigate the craziness of life, relationships and dating. The goal is to help these students become strong and healthy young adults by teaching basic life skills as they prepare to embark on new adventures of their own.


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Compass is a comprehensive 10-day, teen sexual health program reaching almost 6,000 students each year in 7th, 8th and 9th grade. Our curriculum is medically accurate, age-appropriate. The students are taught by trained community educators who bring both a passion for students and an in-depth knowledge of relationships and human sexuality into the classroom.


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Your One Stop Sex Ed Spot.

Here at Connection Institute, we know that being a teenager is tough, which is why we have created this site to help answer some of your questions and hopefully give you a little insight into the issues of sex, dating and relationships. Everybody’s talking about it, so we thought maybe you might like to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about these issues that affect you so much.


Education is Empowering

Our programs. Your forum.

We know that you want your voice to be heard, so speak up! Here you can ask your questions and state your thoughts. At CI, we believe in you! Too many adults today dismiss teens as ‘hormone-charged time bombs’. But not us! We know that this generation of teens really is Stronger, Smarter, Better than those who have gone before. Now…you just have to prove us right!

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