What is it

Battle of the Sexes is a one-day, off-campus empowerment event for high school juniors. This comprehensive event is designed as a “booster shot” to our 10-day program, Compass. We strive to address relevant issues that students are facing and equip students to with tools to overcome them now and in the future.

How does it work

The students will be bused to the event location and divided into smaller groups. Each group will be partnered with trained adult mentors that will be available to talk and listen to them throughout the day. The students will attend workshops that address typical questions and struggles about life, relationships and their future. They will also have an opportunity to text in questions that will be answered by a panel of professional adults from medical, psychological, and other occupational backgrounds during a workshop called The Rant.

What’s the goal

Our goal is to empower students to critically think about their futures and create “game plans” to accomplish their goals and overcome their battles. We aim to teach the students basic life skills as they prepare to embark on new adventures of their own. Our team believes that by helping students to become healthy young adults they will be able to create healthy and thriving families of their own. For more information about this event, call Chelsea at 417.624.4470!